In 2022, these are the 5 best Fall shoes to gift to every man

In order to make life a little easier, we put together our top gift ideas. For men, shoes are a part of what defines fashion for fall. A good pair of shoes can complete an …

In order to make life a little easier, we put together our top gift ideas. For men, shoes are a part of what defines fashion for fall. A good pair of shoes can complete an outfit and help a man feel strong enough to take on the world. Think of how sunscreen smells and how the first sunny day of summer feels. Or how a bouquet of fresh flowers heralds spring’s arrival.

Thanks to the pleasant cold weather, there’s more than enough time to enjoy cozy sweaters, t-shirts, shoes, and everything in between. No matter where you are going in your personal style hierarchy, from casual to formal, you can’t go wrong with these FIVE go-to shoe styles that are a necessity for every man this season.

1. Chelsea Boots

Chelsea shoes for fall? Yeah, trend-loving guys are gonna love ’em! You can either dress Chelsea up or down and it always looks great. The plush quality of Chelsea pairs beautifully with the current season.

Chelsea boots are available in a variety of fabrics and styles, so you’ll always be able to find a pair that suits your needs. It is perfect for both work and after-hours and can be worn to Thanksgiving dinner or other holiday gatherings for an edgy, professional look.

In addition to the elastic strip that allows you to slip them on and off easily, Chelsea boots have a narrow ankle that fits smoothly under slim pants for a very streamlined look with a touch of attitude.

Chelsea Boots
Chelsea Boots

2. Sneakers

Since the 90s took charge of popular fashion, a lot of sneakerheads noticed a general increase in interest in footwear. From basketball culture to hip-hop’s impact, there’s no sign of things slowing down anytime soon. There has been a huge sneaker-fashion-footwear movement blooming for several years now, and now it has become a full-blown trend.

Furthermore, adding shoes for men are classic sneakers. Whether you’re looking for classic high tops or fashionable trainers, these are a must-have item in any wardrobe. In the present day, the secret for any show-stopping street style look starts with footwear and has been proven time and time again by celebrities, professional athletes, and Hollywood stars alike.

You’ve come to the right place to secure yourself a leg up in men’s casual shoes for fall. Check out our suggestions below. These are the must-have shoe this year. It’s comfortable, it’s sporty, it can go with anything and you’ll have everyone envy your shoes.


3. Suede Shoes

In the past, fashion rules regarding what colors and materials to wear were far more rigid.

The first time I ever wore my pair of winter white suede shoes, I felt that I was pushing the boundaries a little too far because the shoes were so susceptible to any form of water or liquid, which was a surefire way to ruin them.

Earlier in time, suede shoes were only worn for less time in the year than leather footwear, but today, you’ll find suede available in lots of colors and designs for men and women to wear all year round, depending on the regional weather.


Suède leather works well for both casual and sophisticated styles. Its smooth and durable material instantly changes a traditional style into a modern and casual silhouette. Suede is most typically seen in apparel and accessories, such as miniskirts, fringed jackets, wallets, and purses. It is also found in shoes.

4. Monk Straps

Monk straps have emerged everywhere, in all kinds of materials, designs, and colors, as men have become increasingly obsessed with dressing up.

It might be time to leave behind the traditional lace-ups for something more fun, like monk strap shoes. Once favored by monks from Europe as an alternative to sandals centuries ago, these buckled beauties now make statements with bold looks despite their conservative appearance.


Unlike most formal shoes that feel quite uncomfortable, monk straps are considered to be extremely versatile and work wonderfully with staples like plaid shirts, khakis, and chinos.

5. Wingtip Oxfords

As the first day of fall has passed, a new season has officially begun, despite some weather conditions in different parts of the country. The chance is you’ve spent the past few weeks curating your fall capsule wardrobe, so you probably have all the season’s staples.

For those looking to add a new trend to their collection, why not try an Oxford shoe? For many, the Oxford shoe is considered the most formal of everyday shoes. The two types are formal and casual.


Generally, the Wingtip Oxford is referred to as a Brogue, even though technically it is not. The pointed-toe cap features extensions known as wingtips, which cover the sides of the shoe. Oxford leather shoes, however, though traditional and universally attractive, may not seem a suitable alternative to one’s typical sneaker, boot, or pump. Luckily, these shoes can go with any fall attire you are planning to do, be it at a nightclub or at the office.

If you follow these fall footwear essentials, you’ll be good to go, but fashion is all about your style, and there are no rules! The best thing is to rotate your shoes so you aren’t wearing the same thing all the time – you’ll be wearing old shoes, which will age faster, and you’ll miss out on some great new styles! Keep your shoes looking new by using a protector spray or moisturizing with a shoe cream. This helps extend the life of real leather just as it does your skin.

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